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We provide Mobile Central Mix Concrete Plants, Dust Collection Equipment, Remote site export plants, transit mix stationary plants and more. Models include; Con-E-Co Lo Pro model 427, Con-E-Co Model Batchmaster 12, Con-E-Co All Pro 5 Decum, and the Con-E-Co Model PLP 12.

Con-E-Co Model Batchmaster 12

Con-E-Co Model Batchmaster 12 offers superior strength and large storage capacities. The CON-E-CO Batchmaster series mobile portable batch plant design allows up to four cement compartments mounted on the plant to reduce foundation costs.


Central Mix Mobile Concrete Plant

Mobile Central Mix Concrete Plant. Con-E-Co Lo Pro model 427.

The CON-E-CO LO-PRO 427 CM central mix plant features a standard 427-barrel single compartment in-truss silo and available 409-barrel two compartment in-truss silo.

The LO-PRO® batch plant line offers models that can be configured for mobile portable central mix operations.

These plants are highly versatile and are best known for their live-bottom aggregate and cement batchers.


Central Mix Stationary Concrete Plant

This Central Mix Stationary concrete plant is suited for projects where the plant will not be moved from location to location.

The SLP Series of central mix batch plants are known for efficiency and high production. The Conagsco team will work hand-in-hand with you to engineer and build a plant that fits the needs of your operation and your site.

These plants also have the ability to incorporate a wide range of optional components for a more customized approach.


Horizontal Reversing Concrete Mixer

Horizontal Reversing Concrete Mixers (HRM)

The Con-E-Co Horizontal Reversing Mixer operates quietly, minimizes environmental impact and provides aggressive mixing action, with non-tilting operation.

Planetary direct drives eliminate v-belts and sheaves, and transfers more horsepower than conventional drives. The sealed mixing drum features infinite variable speed discharge rate for reduced splatter and dust. Variable speed frequency drive. High traction drive system and purpose built 23-inch diameter drive tires.


Con-E-Co Model Lo Pro 12RS Mobile Portable Transit - Dry

The Con-E-Co Model Lo Pro 12RS is the most popular batch plant. The LO-PRO series not only represents a solid foundation for your ready-mix needs today — it is custom-engineered to facilitate easy expansion as your business continues to grow.

The strong return on investment begins with the initial installation and continues through the high performance and reliability that spells increased productivity for your business, year after year.

The LO-PRO’s innovative and patented cement batcher and live-bottom aggregate batcher delivers precision proportioning of cement, sand, and aggregate during discharge.


Con-E-Co Model PLP 12 Premier Series Mobile Portable Concrete Batch Plant

The CON-E-CO Premier PLP 12 Series mobile portable batch plant is easily expandable and features a modular design. It delivers greater storage with less height due to its low profile design.

It is expandable and comes pre-assembled from the factory, and features up to four compartments for cement on the plant. The PLP 12 series is an all gravity plant for both cement and aggregate.


Concrete Plant Dust Collection Equipment

Dust Collection Equipment for concrete plants.

CON-E-CO truck mixer dust collectors are engineered specifically for dust collection from the truck mixer charge hopper during dry batching operations.

We feature truck mixer collectors, central mix collectors, silo collectors and batcher collectors.

For plants with a gravity cement batcher, the dust control system can be mounted on the plant to eliminate an additional foundation and ground clutter.


Remote Site - Export Plants

Remote Site, Export Plants


Con-E-Co All Pro 5 Decum Mobile Concrete Batch Plant

The ALL-PRO 5 decumulative batch plant is engineered for global markets. It’s a trouble free workhorse that is easy to install. And with a width as narrow as eight feet, it has a small footprint.

The blending cement batcher improves concrete quality with 180-degree access truck charging. The LO-PRO is equipped with a blending cement batcher and an aggregate batcher configured with either two or three compartments.

Available with an optional cement storage silo and three material decumulative weighing.


All-Pro Transit Mix Stationary Concrete Plant

The ALL-PRO series Transit Mix Stationary Concrete Plant is known for its structural strength. The single, unitized, all welded structure allows the entire plant to be set on a monolithic slab.

Large outside foundations are not required. The dust control system is mounted above the cement batcher and eliminates the need for an additional foundation.