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Concrete batch plants by CON-E-CO are custom engineered mobile and portable concrete batch plants designed to drive productivity and boost profits.

Con-E-Co Model Batchmaster 12

Con-E-Co Model Batchmaster 12 offers superior strength and large storage capacities. The CON-E-CO Batchmaster series mobile portable batch plant design allows up to four cement compartments mounted on the plant to reduce foundation costs.


Con-E-Co Model Lo Pro 12RS Mobile Portable Transit - Dry

The Con-E-Co Model Lo Pro 12RS is the most popular batch plant. The LO-PRO series not only represents a solid foundation for your ready-mix needs today — it is custom-engineered to facilitate easy expansion as your business continues to grow.

The strong return on investment begins with the initial installation and continues through the high performance and reliability that spells increased productivity for your business, year after year.

The LO-PRO’s innovative and patented cement batcher and live-bottom aggregate batcher delivers precision proportioning of cement, sand, and aggregate during discharge.


Con-E-Co Model PLP 12 Premier Series Mobile Portable Concrete Batch Plant

The CON-E-CO Premier PLP 12 Series mobile portable batch plant is easily expandable and features a modular design. It delivers greater storage with less height due to its low profile design.

It is expandable and comes pre-assembled from the factory, and features up to four compartments for cement on the plant. The PLP 12 series is an all gravity plant for both cement and aggregate.